ETCetera was formed by Ove Hoem in the early 80´s. The group's sound was mostly acoustic, but when Eikeland and Rasch joined the sound turned more electric. Their debut album "ETCetera" was released in 1985 to critical acclaim. Most of the material was written by Hoem with some additional material from Rasch, Nøst and Eikeland. The group's sound was heavy influenced by early Return to Forever and Norwegian ECM artists. The group continued through the 80´s with different line-ups and is now sadly defunct.

Original members: Ove Hoem (acoustic guitar), Øystein Eikeland (electric guitar), Magnus "Gel" Larsen (acoustic and electric bass), Arne Nøst (flute and saxophone), Kari Nøst (vocals), Ingeborg Hungnes (vocals) and Bjørn Ole Rasch (keyboards)



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